I am a 22 year old, soon-to-be law student. I have a B.A. in Health Studies from the University of Washington with a concentration in health and life sciences. I hope to one day combine my public health background and a law degree and work in legislation (although I understand this may change once I begin law school). I am from the Pacific Northwest, so naturally I love coffee- and yes, Starbucks is the world’s best coffee.

I will be attending law school on the East Coast. I had the privilege of living with my parents while in undergrad, so moving across the country, living on my own, and attending law schools will be a whole new world. I am not an exceptional student, I’ve always had above average grades and received a slightly above average LSAT score, but I work very hard. While in undergrad I juggled school, a part-time job, undergraduate research, and an internship. By graduation I had published two articles in my schools research journal. I plan to run this blog from the perspective of a student who is not perfect, but works hard to be successful.